DMC Sonar


Designed for media, distributed networking with every packet managed, monitored and delivered. Maximises the value of your media by connecting you to audiences all over the world.

DMC Sonar | CDS

DMC has solved the complexity of delivering VoD and fulfilment media with CDS (Content Distribution System). CDS is an over-arching application that manages, monitors and reports the end-to-end delivery of non-linear media. Internally developed tools package the media, apply metadata and engage with the best of breed UPD accelerators.

DMC Sonar | Managed Network

Europe’s largest dedicated Tier 1 media-centric fibre network. High availability and flexible Layer 3, GigE, ‘Always On,’ with over 100 European affiliate connections. DMC‘s dedicated fibre network provides the most proven, serviced and cost effective European distribution from Moscow to Ireland and Oslo to Tel Aviv.

  • Tier 1 relationship with highly reputable fibre ground to cloud provider.
  • All PoP locations designed and continuously monitored by DMC.
  • Net-Insight Nimbra nodes (300/600 Series) configured and managed by DMC.
  • High availability on both main and backup paths, designed as an ‘Always On’ network: if a fibre cut occurs, there is no loss of the main or backup signal.
  • Dynamic and intelligent traffic routing through all PoPs employing fully bi-directional routing.
  • Full control via remote access of all PoP equipment.
  • Enhanced DMC NOC monitoring capability, network health and status through Net-Insight Nimbra Vision.
  • DVB Layer Monitoring (component level) of entire network, compliant with ETR 101 290.

DMC Sonar | Un-Managed Network

DMC is assigned an ASN (Autonomous System Number) allowing DMC to be directly connected to the world largest internet exchange, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), putting us within 50 milliseconds of 80% of Europe. Using Nimbra VA210/220 appliances, DMC provides a highly effective solution to deliver bespoke, targeted services anywhere in the world.

DMC Sonar | Encoding

DMC is the broadcaster’s solution to reach viewers on any platform. Whether it’s a linear TV channel, Over-The-Top (OTT) or TV Everywhere (TVE) with ABR encoding, we can provide best of breed encoding systems to fit your requirements including DRM, origin servers and CDN hand-over.

DMC Sonar | Space Segment

DMC provides satellite services in partnership with global operators. DMC owns fully managed space segment that covers Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, including DVB-S and S2 transponders and flexibility for UHD broadcasting. It is secured with Irdeto 2 conditional access system and uplinked from a DMC-owned and operated Earth station.

Telstar 12 Vantage | 15° West footprint

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