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Media Management

DMC's intelligent product suite powers your media to reach any platform today and throughout its life cycle.

DMC Navigator | On-boarding

A dedicated operational team and intelligent suite of systems expedite on-boarding of both in and out bound media. Fully integrated with Signiant, Media Shuttle and Aspera.

DMC Navigator | Ingest

Format agnostic, provides full flexibility to handle any known media file format. Workflow rules can store the source format or normalize to our in-house mezzanine format. Highly automated bespoke workflows efficiently move media assets, matching unknown media by an operator when required.

  • BPM managed workflows
  • Telestream Vantage as underlying transcoder
  • Tachyon® standards and frame rate conversion
  • Minnetonka Audio and Emotion Systems' audio tools

DMC Navigator | Quality Control

Continual engagement and monitoring of metadata and media checks. Interra Baton guarantees accurate technical data for delivery to target platform.

DMC Navigator | Language

Cultural engagement is key. DMC Navigator Language intelligently identifies the language and accurately matches it to the appropriate media. Established quality control processes ensures the perfect delivery.

DMC Navigator | Fulfillment

Supply chain management is imperative for the accurate delivery of product fulfillment. DMC Navigator Fulfillment’s self-service portal connects your media with your clients. The service supports frame rate conversion, QC reports including PSE (Photo Sensitive Epilepsy), side car XML generation and graphics packages. Ingest, manage, deliver, track and report on all deliveries and their receipt.

DMC Navigator | Storage

DMC’s all disk scale-out, secure, private cloud storage facilities are designed for the demands of broadcast. 15 petabytes with an I/O of over 800 Gbps provides accelerated processing and unprecedented efficiency of media movement.

DMC Navigator | MaM

Do you need a Media asset Management (MaM) to make editorial decisions, compliance review, shot selection and enrich metadata? DMC Navigator MaM is a subscription service that brings MaM functionality to your desktop. DMC provides set-up, on-going management and support. A true multi-tenant platform keeps media safe and secure. Workflows managed with BPM2 notation, a highly extensible metadata schema with an ESB exposing a suite of APIs provide immense flexibility with your operation.

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